b'SPOTLIGHT ON: Kelly Fleets Driving Assesors & Driving Risk ManagersWith over 2500 vehicles within our national fleet, the safety of our drivers is always top priority within Kelly Group. The group currently has 6 driving assessors working nationally who coach and develop our workforce ensuring their safety and the safety of other road users.Kellys Assesors & Risk Managers inWe recently caught up with the team to gain an insight into the important work they deliver. Brimsdown National Training CentreBill W. - Driving AssessorAndrew D. - Driver Risk Manager I joined Kelly Group as a driving assessor 9 years ago. I am the first-person new starters get I started working for the group as an Engineer 16 years ago. Within two years I progressed fromto meet when they join the group. I am responsible for delivering the meet and greet Engineer to Site Manager for our Edmonton depot. I decided to join our transport department 10 yearsseminars for new starters, teaching the importance of health and safety and how our ago where I qualified as a Driving Assessor. fleet of vehicles work as well as completing individual driving assessments.Currently, I am one of the Driver Risk Managers and I am responsible for the safetyI enjoy my job a lot because I get to develop different individuals while strength-of approx. 700 drivers in the South of England. My job is to coach drivers on how toening their competence as drivers. I encourage all employees to take pride in improve their driving style and eliminate any risk associated with driving companytheir driving and hope that they adopt my advice while driving their personal vehicles. My priority is to ensure all our drivers return to their loved ones andvehicles as well. As a team we are all proud of the multiple awards we won, it families at the end of a successful working day. shows that what we do has a positive impact across the fleet.I am proud of my work and honoured to represent the brand. I enjoy coaching drivers; they often contact me because their performance score improves, and itSean D. - Driving Assessoris the best message I can receive knowing I was successful in helping someone.I started my career within Kelly Group as a manager 22 years ago. After the first couple of years, I decided to transfer to Kelly Groups Training Department and Ryan S. - Driver Risk Manager became a Telecoms Engineer Trainer. At the time, completing driving assessments was also my responsibility. Once the opportunity was available, I did not hesitate to I joined Kelly Fleet as a Driving Assessor just over 9 years ago. Since being promotedjoin our team of Driving Assessors.to a Driver Risk Manager the focus of my role has shifted to reducing driver risk and ensuring all Kelly Group drivers are safe while driving on the road.What I enjoy about this job is that no two weeks are the same as I train What I love about this role within the Driver Risk Department is that no twodifferent engineers each week.On Monday I start with delivering the groups days are the same! It is so fast-moving and so varied. I have an outline of what Iintroductory drivers seminar for new starters and then focus on completing need to do each day, but my plans change almost every hour.driving assessments for the rest of the week. I enjoy both seminars and driving assessments, as it makes me feel proud when I can teach new skills Kelly Fleet Dept is a multi-award-winning team. Knowing I am part of anto our drivers.award-winning team gives me a huge sense of achievement and keeps me motivated.John V. - Driver Risk Manager Jack G. - Trainee Driving AssessorI started working for the group as a Residential Install Team Manager 9 years ago.I joined Kelly Group 9 months ago and started my journey as a Telecoms EngineerOver the years, I worked in different managerial roles within Kelly Group before Iwithin a few months, I was promoted to New to Field Team Manager. June this year, decided to join Kelly Fleet as a Driving Assessor and shortly after, I was promoted to aI started training as a Driving Assessor. I believe this is the perfect career choice for Driver Risk Manager. Within this role, my biggest responsibility is to monitor driverme as it combines my passion for driving and coaching people. I currently work behaviour and risk across circa 700 drivers.closely with the other driving assessors hoping to adopt their knowledge and I enjoy working as a Driver Risk Manager because I get to meet a lot of peoplebecome one of the best in my current role.from different departments across the group. My biggest achievement was to obtain my Approved Driving Instructor badge as only 33% of people pass the 8 examination. 9'