b'HEALTH CHECKSocial MediaMental Health M entalHealthaffectsWearehereThe more we can do to driveAs you may know, we have two active company social media morepeoplethanyouthinkforanyonewhosawarenessandpreventaaccounts on Facebook and LinkedIn. and the best way to deal with a crisisstrugglingtocopetipping point, the better is prevention. Kelly Group has takenandneedssome- To keep up to date with our good news stories celebrating the the initiative to train several Mentalonetolistenwithout please dont be afraid to talk. fantastic work you all do - feel free to follow our Kelly Group Health First Aiders to support ourjudgement or pressure.pages across LinkedIn and Facebook by clicking below.workforce.If you need to speak to a firstaiderinconfidence, MHFAsarecurrentlyavailableattheirnamesand locations;Wembley,Brimsdown,pictures are on your Dunstable and Nuneaton health&safety notice boards.For more information on mental health awreness and suopport, FEEDBACKplease visit the Mental Health Foundations site. https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/ Have Your SayCELEBRATIONSAs a brand were always looking for opportunities to improve. Workforce culture is KEY to a successful business; New Arrivals which is why were giving you a confidential platform to give us your anonymous feedback (good & bad).A huge congratulations to Dorota Niziol and Colette Sweeney who recently welcomed aColettes NewbornLet us know if theres anything specific you would like to be updated on within our next issue or what you liked / new addition to their families. We wish you a wonderful and restful maternity leave with yourNelly Ray Sweeneydisliked.new babies!If theres any initiatives that you would like the brand to explore or if you simply want a de-caff option in your tearoom - please let us know!This is your opportunity to share your voice. AnniversariesAll suggestions will be fed back to the leadership team. Congratulations to Mark & Louise Lowton on their 25th wedding anniversary. We hope youMark & Louise Lowtonboth celebrate this fantastic milestone in style! Best wishes from us all.ANONYMOUS FEEDBACKBirthdaysCongratulations to all our workforce who recently celebrated their birthdays. Big shoutout to those who reached a significant milestone. We wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your special day! 30th 40th 50thThomas Cottrell Allan Usher Gerry OShea6 Pat OSullivan 7'