b'Simon BurckhardtFEATUREGroup CEOA fter more than 25 years spent working in Telecoms I am excited to have joined Kelly as we embark on the keyInternational Women in Engineering Day 2021task of building out Gigabit Britain. Only 2 in every 10 homes in the UK have access to Full Fibre whereas in France, Portugal and Spain it is approaching 8 in 10 homes. Kelly is in an ideal position to be part of this nationally important Full Fibre build and also be a key partner for the likes of Openreach, Virgin Media and City Fibre as theyI nternational Women in Engineering Day celebrated its 8th year anniversary in 2021. It was first launched by the Womens Engineering seek to install millions of customers with their new Fibre service. It is truly an exciting time to be in the KellySociety as an international awareness campaign with the goal to raise the profile of female engineers and start a conversation around Groupthe career opportunities available for women and younger girls in this exciting field.Simon Burckhardt - Kelly Group CEO In celebration of this years International Women In Engineering Day, Kelly Group was delighted to embark on the global awareness Group Values campaign of the Womens Engineering Society by showcasing the success stories of our valued female engineers whilst contributing to the promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities within the industry we operate.Each issue well focus on 1 business value starting with Safety We are thrilled to introduce you to Kelly Groups Female Engineering Heroes of 2021Alsiha Cox and Rebacca Paris. Their stories are leading examples of how Kelly Group contributes to a world where women and men have equal opportunities at their workplace.The below statement is a message from Tim Kelly (Chairman) to the whole Kelly Group team: SafetySafety is the core value of the Kelly Group and has to be central to everything we do from planning works through to their implementation. The public is supportive of female engineers. Iwoman, as we generally rely on our husbands A lisha has been with the business forhad so much encouragement while I was work- or technicians.Customerover two and a half years. Withining out in the field from people who walked No job is too important or urgent that it cannot be done safelythattime,shehasprogressedfroma - as a team, we do not compromise on safety. Service Delivery Engineer to an FTTPpast.Atleastonceadaysomeonewould-Alisha CoxTeam Manager, coaching and develop- comment: It is nice to see a woman doing this Enviroment If anyone sees anything where they think we areing a team of over 20 engineers withinjob! compromising safety, I fully empower you to stop the workthe London region.and do the right thing for you, your colleagues and the publicIthinkthereareexcitingWhat I love about Integrity we serve. By doing this, we can learn from your feedback andopportunities for women in myengineering is that it allows apply those lessons to provide a safer working enviroment forfield of work. If you are willing you and your colleagues. togetyourhandsdirty,Ime to be more independent.do not see why a female Excellencewouldntbeableto We all must take responsibility for safety to ensure that all pursuethiscareer!What I love about engineering is that it allows members of our team return home safely to their family andIf you are the typeme to be more independent. I personally dont of woman who does Alisha CoxFrom Service Delivery Engineer to FTTP Teamwork loved ones. not mind physical work,needtorelyonsomeoneelsetocompleteTeam Manageryoushouldtryoutforspecific jobs in my own house - I can take care Tim Kelly - Chairman similar opportunities. of these tasks. This can be a unique skill for a R ebecca started working for Kellyenvironment, it was my choice to go downlike putting the nodes together. Being active Group 4 years ago as a project coor- this path - its just mind over matter.and challenging myself physically is so much dinator and decided to pursue a career asMoving into a male dominated role, whichmore exciting than sitting at a desk.a Fibre Splicer. demands a completely different skill set, has been challenging. I wasnt sure if I would fit-Rebecca ParisOn my first day, I was slightly nervous asin, but I had nothing to worry about. I was the only female trainee in our class. It was all for nothing, regardless of myPeople were a bit shocked at first, as female gender everyone made me feel welcome andsplicers are in the minority within our indus-supported my journey as a Trainee Fibretry. As a woman, you initially have to prove Splicer.yourself a little bit more and Im proud of my quick learning progression. It was easy for me to adapt toEvery day the new workingbrings a new environment, it was my choicechallenge, Rebecca Paris - From Project Coordinator to Fibrewhich makesSplicerto go down this path my role interesting. I love the Working outside is a lot different, but it wasbuild side 4 5 easy for me to adapt to the new workingof the job,'