b'ELITE DRIVERS CLUB Q&ATop Tips On Becoming An Elite Driver K elly Group is thrilled to introduce Neville Edmead who has been with the group for 10 years. Within that time, he was promoted twice and progressed from his engineer role to National New Engineers Support Manager.According to the Kelly Fleet Driving Assessors there is no secret on how to become an Elite Driver. Simply follow their tips on how toWhat positions have you held throughoutWhat do you enjoy the most about yourBefore working for Kelly Group, what was improve your Samsara score: your tenure? job? the most unusual or interesting job you 1 All drivers must stop using mobiles on the road. Interacting with a mobile phone while driving has to be the single biggest danger whileI started working as a Telecoms Engineer I enjoy meeting and supporting new engi- have ever had?in control of a vehicle on the groups Openreach contract. Before Ineers nationwide. I enjoy seeing the improve- I was a Broadband Technician for Open-joined Kelly Group, I worked for Openreachment in new engineers that we previouslyreach for 18 years. Due to my industry 2Keep within the speed limits and keep your distance from other vehicles to allow enough reaction time to stop. If you can do both,for 18 years. Due to my extensive experiencesupported - who are now successfully workingknowledge and experience, I was asked to you have given yourself enough time to react to any changeable hazards in front of you meaning you have reduced the risk to yourselfwith Openreach and my ambition to helpindependently, especially if they have beendeliver seminars for those who were training and all road users fellow engineers I was promoted to Teampromoted throughout the group.to become Broadband Technicians. I was Manager and looked after a team of 20If you could switch your job with anyonerecognised as an outstanding employee and 3If you cannot see what is behind you when you reverse, get out and have a look at the space behind your vehicle engineers on the Openreach Contract.else for one week within the group, whosewas awarded the Openreach Golden Award job would you want to experience? because I developed a solution for Broad-Soon after this, I joined our HR departmentband Technicians that increased customer How To Become A Memberas a National Auditor. In this role, I was I would love to experience the role of Jasonsatisfaction. working together with Openreach whileChandler, Kelly Groups Operations Director.What is your proudest moment at Kelly responsible for auditing engineers across theGroup?1Download the Samsara app onto your company device country ensuring that the quality of theirI used to attend meetings with Jason and work and equipment was up to standard. found his approach to be inspiring. His drive Being promoted twice and my journey 2Log in using your resource ID and registration numberto increase productivity is exceptional. Ifrom Telecoms Engineer to National New In 2015, I was promoted to National Newwould love to understand the process behindEngineers Support Manager. This job is 3Select your allocated vehicleEngineers Support Manager. The goal was tohis technique. everything to me and having the trust of provide support for new engineers by helpingWhat do you like the most about workingmanagers and directors means a lot for me. 4Drive within the speed limits, keep your distnace and stay focused them settle in to their new role. I pioneeredwithin the business? this position within the group and over theCan you give us a fun fact that nobody years, I have slowly built a national team who 5Achieve an average saftey score of either 99 or 100 over 1 month spend time with new engineers and report To know that I have been trustedknows about you? their progress back to me. and supported throughout my entire career Benefits To You within the group. I can speak to anyone and I am a Civil Aviation Authority approved What does a typical week look like? ask for support. I have got the confidenceCommercial Drone Pilot.I also have a that I have the best interests at heart when IYouTube channel dedicated to this hobby and Every month Our Elite Drivers Club Members are entered into a random selected draw with the topI start my week by confirming route plannersam doing my job and I am passionate aboutI am often hired to capture events. I am a big prize of 1,000 for each of my team. They usually meet newimproving new engineers experience. I stillfootball fan and support Aston Villa Football engineers having spent a few weeks out onhave a lot to offer to the business. Club - I regularly play football at my local After 3 months New members will receive an Elite Drivers Club gift bag filled with premium goodiesthe field so we can create an audit on theircommunitys team. including an Elite Drivers Club branded jacket, cool bag, thermo mug, notepad, pen,progression and source any equipment or plus more! tools they need to be successful in their newI have been trusted and supported throughout After 4 months Club members provided with the newest fleet vehicles (T&Cs apply) role. my entire career within the group. I can speak to anyone and ask for support.We also take this opportunity to receive feed- - Neville Edmeadback on their training journey so as a group After 5 months Elite Drivers involved in a traffic incident will pay no excess (worth up to 1,000) we can continuously improve our induction process.6 monthly TOP DRIVER recognition and reward Once my team report their findings, I can address issues and action solutions, ensuring they have the opportunity to excel within CLICK OR SCAN HEREtheir new role. If it is needed, we are more Fleet Hotline than happy to spend an extra day with 01582 841 291 engineers that need more support.10 TO LEARN MORE 11'